Period 1 Wiki

Creating a Wiki Entry

Wiki entries are done by clicking on the edit page button and adding text to the page. Each student will have the opportunity to create a page with their assigned group. The page will summarize the current unit of study and must include links to outside pages and resources. All images added must have a reference which includes the author, title and date in which the image was created. Make sure the images are in the public domain and no longer copyrighted.

Sample Entries

The election of Andrew Jackson continued the country on the road towards Westward Expansion. Jackson was from the state of Tennessee which at that time was considered a western state. From the time of his election Jackson formed a policy of removal of Native Americans from their homelands as he viewed them as an inferior people in need of assistance from the government. Without this assistance the various tribes stood to be eradicated. (EFFECTS) The removal of Native Americans would allow for white settlers to move onto their land and thus continue westward.

Contents of Constitution Wiki
1. Articles of Confederation – What is the structure of government? What were the strengths and weaknesses? Why were the Articles unsuccessful?

2. Constitutional Convention Compromises – What was the issue? What were the two perspectives? What was the solution?
a. Great Compromise
b. Three-Fifths Compromise
c. Importation of Slaves

3. Founding Fathers – What was their role at the Convention? What ideas did they have? Did they support the Constitution?
a. James Madison
b. Gouvneur Morris
c. Edmund Randolph
d. George Mason
e. Alexander Hamilton
f. William Patterson
g. John Dickinson

4. Ratification - What was the issue? What were the two perspectives? What was the solution?
a. Federalists
b. Anti-Federalists